Buick Uses Pinterest Contest for New Encore Design

Social media has become a mammoth in terms of marketing and drawing attention to a brand.  It is no longer a question of “if a company is using social media”, but rather “how are you using it”, and the automotive industry is no exception.

Buick aims to remain ahead of the curve in terms of social media use, and its most recent endeavor featured the increasingly popular site, Pinterest.  Buick recently challenged 10 of the most well-known bloggers on Pinterest to create pinboards showcasing the all-new 2013 Buick Encore.

It was announced earlier this month that Michael Wurm Jr. was the winner, and his pinboard will be used to inspire the Buick design team.   By using Pinterest, Buick hopes to capture the interest of the highly sought-after young demographic.

“Pinterest is important to Buick because 71 percent of Pinterest’s nearly 25 million users are under the age of 45 and 50 percent are 25-44, an important market for the all-new Buick Encore,” explained Phil Colley, assistant manager of Buick product communications. “Plus, according to a recent Bizrate Insights study, 70 percent of Pinterest users say they use the site to get shopping inspiration.”

To take a look inside the Pinterest-inspired 2013 Buick Encore, visit Colonial Buick GMC in Lawrenceville, GA today.  Availability information for the 2013 Encore is offered online, at http://www.colonialgmc.com/.

Also feel free to check out Colonial Buick GMC’s Pinterest board!

Colonial Buick GMC Pinterest Board

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